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Racing for Open Space


Why do we race for open space?

In addition to being beautiful, open space protects water quality and provides habitat for flora and fauna. Land used for farming, or that is never developed, or that is reforested, helps to keep stormwater runoff and sediments out of the water supply.
At the core of the Brandywine Conservancy’s mission is a commitment to protect water quality and quantity within the regional watershed. To do this, we use a multi-faceted approach to land conservation.
Through our Land Conservation program, we work with private landowners who wish to see their lands protected forever, often through the use of conservation easements. These are legal agreements that establish perpetual restrictions on the use and development of the land while keeping it in private ownership.  Currently, the Conservancy holds more than 460 easements which the Land Stewardship program administers and monitors annually. In addition, the Land Stewardship program provides advice and resources to landowners on how to better manage land to enhance and protect natural features.
Through our Municipal Assistance Program, we help townships, boroughs and other local governments conserve open space, manage growth, and plan responsible land use and smart development. Our programs often encompass more than one municipality or watershed as we assist in creating and strengthening policies, zoning and regulations that support conservation.
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